We are PilatesFIT:

PilatesFIT Studio is the first and only Professional Pilates Studio with equipments from Cluj and Bucharest who has locations in both cities.
Specialized in Pilates, we offer Pilates lessons on Reformer with personal instructor at Pilates Studio Bucharest and Pilates Studio Cluj. Our instructors adapt to your personal needs, coordinate and support you in any movement and exercise.

Designed to be the ideal places for training and relaxation in which the body, mind and soul harmonize each other, our Pilates Cluj and Bucharest Studios are equipped with the latest generation Pilates Reformer Allegro 2 from Balanced Body in America. We also offer semi-private Pilates lessons at Reformer, Yoga classes in Bucharest and Massage sessions in both locations.

Studio Pilates Cluj & Studio Pilates Bucharest:

From beginners, to intermediates and advanced, our sessions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. So, if you want to lose weight, recover from a small injury, get toned, become more flexible or simply have fun come to our Pilates Studio Cluj and Bucharest. Are the perfect anti-stress environments where you can get the best results and reach your goals.

PilatesFIT studios from center of Cluj and Bucharest operate under one motto: “Quality not quantity”. The pilates personal instructor from Cluj and Bucharest ensures that you make substantial progress. And also reach your desired goal at the end of each pilates class of apparatus.

In Bucharest is located in Sector 1, close to Herastrau Park, in the Northern area of the capital. It is a modern and stylish studio and has allocated parking spots.

The Pilates studio in the center of Cluj is located close to Zorilor, Andrei Muresanu, Gheorgheni and Manastur neighborhoods. The locations has parking spots on its own yard of Republicii Street, No. 79, where the Pilates Studio in Cluj is located.

Regardless of the personal goal, we are ready to touch it. Pilates instructors from Bucharest and Cluj, think that working together helps you to do more in a shorter time. By quality, not quantity, so you become more efficient. If you have the desire to completely transform your body, the Pilates Hall from Cluj and Bucharest is the place where you can become your best version of you.

Both locations are equipped with efficient and natural training equipment and methods that cover every aspect of fitness, from recovery to performance.

What do our clients say?

My meeting with Pilates and implicitly with PilatesFIT Studio was due to two elements: for some time I wanted to try pilates after hearing and understanding how healthy and friendly it is as movement and contribution to well being, and on the other hand I was looking for a recovery for acute backache due to office work. Expectations have been exceeded. Pilates has become indispensable, and each session is a plus for the day, given by the instructors professionalism, the sympathetic atmosphere in which the meeting takes place and the immediate benefit to my health.
Why do I come to Pilates FIT Studio?

Because it helps me to feel good, to looks good and have a fantastic state - not only because I did sports but also because in my relationship with my instructor I feel like a good friend takes care of me, and the whole team is very professional, cute and attentive. Coming here is the best choice I've made in the last 12 months. Through pilates training that attracts attention throughout the session, the result is more than the development of muscle tone, flexibility, breathing improvement, posture correction. By Pilates, you are in a continuous competition with yourself and the biggest win is when you eliminate "no" from the phrase "can not", overcoming your training after training, succeeding, through positive attitude and perseverance, to regain strength in your own strengths. As individual sessions, the instructor gives you total attention and you do the exercises that fit your body at your own pace, which matters enormously. In addition, it is a toning, relaxing atmosphere. Here I come back with great pleasure for each meeting and look forward to the new challenges that await me, because Pilates is never boring.