Physical benefits:

Corrects body posture and balances the body

  • The body is suffering from certain imbalances in the organism, in particular because of sport practiced in infancy or because of wrong adopted postures  in everyday life (ex: sitting too much on the computer, walking on heels, caring the bag on the same shoulder, etc.). By doing Pilates you can learn how to adopt a correct posture no matter the situation you are.

Prevents possible accidents and diseases

  • Pilates exercises have the role to annihilate any weakness in our body, and restoring the balance. Thus, joint problems, spine, slightly resistance, etc. all can be treated with the help of an intensive program of Pilates exercises. Also, recent studies have shown that Pilates has extensive benefits to older persons, preventing diseases associated with forwarding in age. This type of training is also recommended to those in the recovery period from various accidents, Pilates helping to increase body resistance and develop better mobility.

Increases strength and muscle tone

  • Muscles are trained as a whole, thus avoiding over training of a single part. You can get a flat abdomen and improved back during a single exercise, so the result is a uniform and compact general tonus.

Reduces back pain and the pressure from the vertebral column

  • Often, when we sit for hours in front of the computer, our posture suffers: we are faced with back pain, more serious ailments appear. Pilates Workout gently works and strengthens mainly the abdominal and back muscles, thus contributing to a better posture. Adjacent problems are attenuated due the movements angles and the quadrants created, here they need to work with an experimented personal instructor.

Improves elasticity and mobility

  • Pilates is recognized by a vast range of stretching exercises as a result the muscles lengthens and get toned at the same time. Starting workout will define muscles, tendons, while the ligaments are getting stronger, so joints will also stabilize over the course of time. By increasing muscle elasticity and joint mobility of the whole bodies mobility and agility is increased in such a way that you will enjoy free wider movements.

Improves circulation and empowers the breathing

  • Pilates helps creating a harmony between breathing and your body movements. Try to make a parallel between breathing during a pilates session an the way you usually do. This type of breathing during exercise improves blood circulation, maximizing fresh air and eliminating the waste.

Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

  • One of its aims is the development of the abdominal area muscles, improving blood circulation and the internal muscles of the pelvis, with beneficial results on sexual life. With age these muscles tend to atrophy with negative repercussions on urine process. With repeated stimulation the pelvic muscles get toned and become pleads. Women suffer from weak control of the pelvic floor muscles especially after birth, menopause or possibly surgery. That’s why they are recommended Kegel exercises and Pilates.

Balances the CORE (center-of-gravity)

  • Balancing the Core muscles means strengthening deepen stomach muscles together with spine muscles. Control of this core is reached when they are integrated into a coherent whole trunk, pelvis and shoulders. This area connect the upper body from the bottom and is used as basis exercises. Balancing this area provides stability and compactibility of the entire body.

Mental Benefits:

Pilates is a meditation form – through it, you get rid of the stressful problems and your mind is focused for a moment, on the body. As a result you get a sense of wellness, and natural relaxation similar to that of a child. The repetition of exercises increases consistency and in time they can help to in time consolidates self-confidence.

By reawakening thousands and thousands of otherwise ordinary dormant muscle cells, corresponding control reawakens thousands of dormant brain cells, thus activating new areas and stimulating further the functioning of the mind.

“It is the mind itself which builds the body.” With Joseph Pilates’ techniques, we are not only exercising our body but also simultaneously exercising our mind.

Psycho-emotional Benefits

Pilates is a completely mind-body workout program, catching bonuses in the psycho-emotional side as well. It improves attitude as well as eliminate depression, anxiety, fear, increases the bodies pain tolerance, treats insomnia, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and provides a better mental energy.

Pilates method gives power to the people and offers them relaxation possibility, gives them a sense of balance and a feeling of control. Makes them more confident, preparing you for any situation, it reduces the level of stress and improves your life. Pilates  teaches us to enjoy free time moments, helps us to be more efficient at work, focus on the problem and find a quick solution. Thanks to Pilates technique we reach a better understanding: inside is calm and quiet, body is ready to work and mind is not disturbed by insignificant things.

Benefits fight together with us against diseases

  • It reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  • It reduces the risk of developing highblood pressure.
  • It helps reduce blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure.
  • It reduces the risk of developing coloncancer.
  • It reduces the risk of dying prematurely.
  • It reduces the risk of dying from heart diseases.
  • It reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • It aids in weight control.
  • It helps the aged become stronger and more mobile.
  • It improves psychological well-being.