When you work on the physical aspect of your body, you focus on what you are currently doing and forget to live the moment. When you live in the moment, your being is no longer governed neither by past or by future.

Living in the present, helps you be a better listener, to communicate effectively and have a deep understanding of the instances and the things that surround you and you will become more perceptive and intuitive. You get to be more successful at work and home, you can be a good parent, brother or a good friend.

How will it be? Am I going to cope?

The first stage will be the most difficult. When you start an exercise routine, you will realize that you have a rather sensitive area, less stable, for that you”ll need to execute certain types of movements, so knowing that you have a weak spot isn’t a bad thing. Don”t worry! We all have a weak spot!

The first step is represented by the acceptance of that weakness, when you understand and accept these weak points, you can improve them under one condition- concentrate your thoughts and exercises to those body parts.

Step by step to victory, you will be encouraged to go on. You will become somewhat dependent of this progress such that it produces a feeling of power and strength. When you break your physical limits, your whole life will change and you will feel better in your own skin.