In the last few years, sport has combined more and more the physical part of the body with the mental one. The exercises haven’t remained at the stage of mechanical movements, but were correlated with the breathing techniques, relaxation or self-control. This complex approach went to get results faster, more efficient, and demonstrating that our mind and body must always work together.

Pilates Method

It is a mix of exercises that create a unique connection between mind and body giving it a perfect balance. Mental control of movement, fluidity, precision, concentration, relaxation techniques and breathing are common parts within the context of the workout, working the whole body, both physical and psychological. Their constant practice is a great way to relax, putting in the foreground attitude, and the value of each person.

Pilates exercises

The exercises lean and strengthen muscles, improve mobility and muscular elasticity. The method makes practicing whole body, even the ankles and plates. No group of muscles is trained in excess or neglected. The musculature has a balanced developing. And help you enjoy your daily or sports activities more easily, with better performance and less risk to suffer injuries.

About Pilates

The focus is on ‘quality, not quantity’ of each movement. As a result, it is considered one of the safest and most effective methods of exercise.

Pilates means harmony. It is pure, unique and gentle.

The method is the closest form of human nature.

It starts with quiet, ends with pace, but it’s full of tension, suspense and emotions.

The exercises develop the body uniform, corrects the posture, invigorates the mind and raises the spirit.

Pilates means to want, to be at your limits but still want more of it, to laugh that you succeed and to cry because you finished.

Try it! It would take you one year to understand it, one year to enjoy it and the rest of your life to quit.

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