Pilates sessions with personal instructor will work more effectively and the results will appear much more quickly. They may combine reformer or mat exercises or other machines. The instructor will adapt exercises depending on each person potential, objectives, but also on the client’s mood.

PRE-POST NATAL PILATES – Are you pregnant? Congratulations!

You and your baby will work with a specialized instructor. He knows the stages of pregnancy and perfectly understands your needs.

Specialist’s consent is a must. Thank you!

KINETOLATES – Pilates for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

We offer intelligent exercise program that focuses on reducing discomfort, restore strength, mobility and flexibility, individualized programs for each client. At Pilatesfit we are specialized in working with the following issues: slightly postural problems, low back pain/injury, Sciatica, knee, ankle or foot and shoulder pain/injury, Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis, forward head position, poor balance/coordination, and so on.

Specialist’s consent is a must. Thank you!