YOGA BUCHAREST – for a balanced life


About 2400 years ago, the Indian sage Patanjali proposed a complex system of techniques in order to help the practitioner to reach a state of tranquility, an imperturbable inner balance against external difficulties.

This system was named Yoga, from the sanskrit word yuj – union. At the bottom of then inner balance stays the union of body and soul, and Patanjali shows us how to reach it.

According to Patanjali, Yoga practice has as a foundation eight aspects: the relationship with your inner self, the relationship with what stands outside your inner self, physical practice (asana), breathing control (pranayama), withdrawal of the senses, concentration, meditation and integration.

The daily practice of the eight aspects helps the yogi to balance and stabilize its body and mind in order to have better life.

Therefore, yoga is not a sport, nor worship, nor a religion.

Yoga is science in motion.

Yoga is the art of a balanced living.

Yoga classes:

Tuesday:            19:15 – 20:30       Instructor:  ESTERA
Thursday:          19:15 – 20:30          Instructor:   KIRSTEN






Instructor Yoga

Dan is a Yoga teacher certificated by International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance. He is studying and teaching Yoga practices like Hatha, Kundalini, Jnana and Bahti. He has spent six weeks in India in an ashram to study how to develop his practice. Yoga Classes represent a holistic approach of the entire Yoga philosophy included asana, pranayama, kriyas, bandha and meditation. All of those are adapted for the students capacities and his physical and mental needs. Yoga is a practice for a balanced life. The classes are organized according to your body and mind limits and the group is organized considering the general balance and benefits. If you want to find the harmony of your body and to find your inner peace, you should visit our Studio. You might discover that your inner balance is more real that you believed.



Instructor Yoga

I happilly find myself professionally here out of the trust the feeling of being in flow is giving. There was a moment on this path when I was opened to take my practice to a new level, so I enrolled to the first training, a Yin Yoga one. It was the time when I discovered to my surprise and joy, how great it felt to conduct a class. Soon it was followed by a more in-depth training, with professor Mukesh Kothari from Bindusar School from Rishikesh, India and Yoga Academy, Romania. Both trainings offered me rich knowledge, a much appreciated basis, as well as a large horizon for what Yoga encompasses. Looking into Yoga subject, feels incredibly complex. Very simply put, it can have for you the value of a practice where you meet your known and unknown self and solve what's needed. 🙂 As bonuses, you gain incredible tonus, a sense of wellbeing and grounding, bettering the relationship with yourself...and it goes on. It does goood, a heaven of good! It's up to you to say yes, to taste it on your skin!


  • (with personal trainer)
  • Price for 1 session : 130 lei
  • Price for 5 sessions : 625 lei
  • Price for 10 sessions : 1200 lei
  • (two participants – one instructor)
  • Price for 1 session: 90 lei
  • Price for 5 sessions : 425 lei
  • Price for 10 sessions : 800 lei
  • (8 participants – one instructor)
  • Price for 1 session : 50 lei
  • Price for 5 sessions : 225 lei
  • Price for 10 sessions : 400 lei
  • Call 0724 900 906 for appointment !
  • For all sessions is required programming with at least 4 hours before.
  • A session can be canceled with minimum 4 hours before, otherwise the session is considered done.
  • Prices are per person. VAT is included. You can pay by card or cash.
  • A session of Yoga Bucharest helds 75 minutes.
  • Yoga Bucharest packages of 5 and 10 meetings have the same validity of 2 months.