Hi! My name is Oana, I am 24 years and I am a Reformer and Matwork personal trainer Licensed by Fitness Education School, fitness academy where I achived also Aerobic, Step Aerobic, Tone and Stretching Certify. I graduated Physical Education and Sport University , Kinetotherapy and Special Motricity, and now I study the Master program: Kinetotherapy in locomotive affections.
My passion for sport found’s her place in my heart from an early age, practicing for 2 years athletism, then for 9 years I was an professional handball player.
I really enjoy what I do, and Pilates helps me to combine the most important qualities that define me: the love for people,for health and for sport!





Sorin is a graduate of the National Physical Education and Sports Academy and he has studied Balance Body classes. Always looking to expand his expertise, Sorin began studying Pilates in 2010, when the first Reformer Pilates studio opened in Bucharest, and is now one of the most experienced Reformer Pilates Instructor in Romania. Using this experience and being convinced of the much needed benefits that Pilates provides, Sorin recently became part of the our team as a certified instructor.



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