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Module I April 20th – 23 rd, 28th –May 1st // Learn to teach the original exercises on the Reformer and the Cadillac.

Beginner & Intermediate
Pilates Apparatus
International Certification Course (English)

The Reformer is the most commonly used piece of Pilates’ apparatus with over 500 execcises than can be performed on it. Initially named Universal Reformer by its invertor (as it will reform your body) the reformer is an elegant and very versatile apparatus that challenges the core as well at the extremities and provides a total body workout.
The Springboard is an alternative to the full Cadillac, offering a space and price saving piece of equipment with many possibilities and variations to work with . It is an easy to used and simple piece of equipment, and, similar to the Cadillac, it has springs, a tower and a roll down bar. It this course we will learn the Cadillac exercise on the Springboard.

-Attendance of 30 apparatus classes, of which at least ten are taken as privates.
-If you take the combined Mat I + Apparatus I course you will need to attend 40 classes, out of which 10 are taken as privates and the rest 30 are divided between ma and apparatus classes.
-Approval from the couses’s teacher.
-Anatomy Course (can be taken with Body &Flow or elsewhere).
-Completion of Pilates Mat program (either with Body & Flow or elsewhere).
The Course consists of:
– Contact hours 95 hours (in class)
– Observation hours 40 hours
– Personal practice 50 hours (10+40)
– Assistant teaching 85 hours (10+40+35)
This is an intensive course that requires dedication and commitment for a successful completion!

Dates: Module I April 20th – 23 rd, 28th –May 1st
Module II June 2nd-4th, 9th-11th
Fee: 1850 euro (instead of 2350)

Open Day April 1st 14:30 – see more

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