06/10/2017 Daniela Atieh 0Comment
Why do I come to Pilates FIT Studio? Because it helps me to feel good, to looks good and have a fantastic state - not only because I did sports but also because in my relationship with my instructor I feel like a good friend takes care of me, and the whole team is very professional, cute and attentive. Coming here is the best choice I've made in the last 12 months. Through pilates training that attracts attention throughout the session, the result is more than the development of muscle tone, flexibility, breathing improvement, posture correction. By Pilates, you are in a continuous competition with yourself and the biggest win is when you eliminate "no" from the phrase "can not", overcoming your training after training, succeeding, through positive attitude and perseverance, to regain strength in your own strengths. As individual sessions, the instructor gives you total attention and you do the exercises that fit your body at your own pace, which matters enormously. In addition, it is a toning, relaxing atmosphere. Here I come back with great pleasure for each meeting and look forward to the new challenges that await me, because Pilates is never boring.